Drug Dealing on the Dark Web

Modern day drug enterprise has evolved beyond comprehension. When one large dealer gets busted, another one learns from his or her mistakes and picks up where the other left off. Over 23 million Americans struggle with addiction every day and despite the efforts of law enforcement to crack down on the drug epidemic, it stills spreads and leaves millions of families in disarray. What’s worse, there are now even easier means to attain drugs than before.

There is a new side of drug dealing that has caught the attention of the nation and cyberspace. The Dark Web is the side of the Internet that most have yet to hear of let alone explore. Even authorities have barely even touched the surface. The term “Dark Web” refers to a very secretive and difficult to reach section of cyberspace in which criminal activity takes place and remains out of reach for most enforcement agencies. While this has become a very profitable vehicle for selling drugs, it also has become an avenue for selling counterfeit bills, fake identities, firearms, hacked bank accounts and even hiring assassins.

This new wave of criminal enterprise is a frightening prospect. Technology is ever-evolving and the Dark Web is a prime example of this trend. The United States continues to be the single largest marketplace for illegal drugs as its citizens consume two-third of all illegal drugs worldwide. Now, with a new avenue for distribution, the drug trade is likely to accumulate even more money than usual on an annual basis.

The website known as the Silk Road was one of the original players in the illegal Internet trade, which notably brought in profits $22 million annually. The site’s growth involved no real advertising, it was simply built up through word of mouth. In the FBI’s search for the mastermind behind this site, agents came across servers located all across the world that linked to the site. Just like other drug enterprises, once the Silk Road was shut down, other sites came on the scene with new and improved ways of staying hidden. Another aspect of drug dealing on the Dark Web is the operators’ ability to make large quantities of profit, some upwards of $6,000 a day.

How it works

Most of these black market sites use Tor software and Bitcoin. Tor software acts as anonymity software for users, hiding the location of its servers by deflecting Internet traffic through proxies. Bitcoin is an online currency that serves as cash when purchasing items on some Internet retail sites. This type of digital currency makes payments difficult to trace because of the lack of a paper trail most traditional banks and other payment companies require.

With the combination of these two components, Dark Web sites have made it incredibly difficult for the federal government to trace where this drug money originates. Some of this information can be frightening because it demonstrates to the American people along with the people of the world how much damage new and advanced Internet software is capable of doing. Some of of these transactions provide a means for blue-collar criminals to up their profits and operate in a tech-savvy manner. Most of these sites are not accessible to the general public and require specific software and protocols to grant access. Online spaces like the Dark Web have spawned a new wave of criminals that have found a way to remain even more anonymous among authorities.

The United States is among the leaders in illegal drug use and has been deeply impacted by this new wave of drug trafficking. As the illegal drug evolves, addicts and their loved ones are being torn apart and damaged by the disease of addiction.

Addiction affects 10 percent of Americans and the illegal drug trade seems to be adopting new means of thriving. Regardless of what authorities do to combat the issue, the disease of drug addiction still lies in the body and mind of the user. By treating addiction as a health issue and focusing more on how addiction can be treated and prevented, society can gain a better understanding of how to truly help those dealing with dependence on substance abuse.

Sovereign Health Group offers various inpatient and outpatient programs for patients who suffer from drug addiction, mental health disorders or a combination of both known as dual diagnosis. Upon admission, clients are properly diagnosed and set up with a customized treatment program built to meet their specific needs. Sovereign Health implements a client-focused philosophy, which assures that each and every client is individually evaluated and never falls subject to a one-size-fits-all approach. If you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction, please contact the Sovereign Health’s new Fort Myers, Florida location at 866-547-3360.

Written by Benjamin Creekmore, Sovereign Health Group writer


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